What is Couchelo?

Couchelo is an online consignment marketplace to browse, buy and sell furniture, homewares, art, design, antiques and collectibles. We provide a platform to connect design enthusiasts with vintage, secondhand, handmade or upcycled home decor.

How can I trust buying on Couchelo?

We provide a safe and trustworthy environment to buy and sell your beautiful furniture and décor.

After you check out, we reserve the item for 24 hours while the seller confirms availability of the product. Once we receive confirmation, we then charge your credit card and process the order. If we do not hear back from the seller, the order will simply be reverse and your credit card charges will be cancelled.

We stand behind every purchase made on Couchelo so that you can buy with confidence.

What are the delivery and shipping fees?

Couchelo offers delivery or shipping services. When buyers complete a transaction, they can pick the option for in-person pickup or local delivery. The delivery fees will vary and will be incurred by the buyer.

What is the return policy?

All sales are final on Couchelo. We will issue a full refund on items purchased that are damaged, incorrectly listed or if the item is not as described.

Please contact within 3 business days of receipt of your item and we will resolve the issue immediately.

Is there a listing fee to sell?

Listing is free on Couchelo. When you make a successful sale, we will commission 20% from your earnings so you get to keep 80% of your sale.

Couchelo will serve as your customer service, promote and market your item, handle the payment proceeds, and help coordinate delivery or pick up services from your home.

How do I list an item?

List on Couchelo by using the self-service SELL WITH US section. If you are a business seller please email .

What kind of items can I list?

Couchelo is exclusively for the sale of furniture, homewares, art, design, antiques and collectibles. Products must be clean and in good condition, without significant damage. All claims about your products must be accurate.

Couchelo has full editorial control. Meaning, we reserve the right to edit or remove your post without your prior knowledge in order to clarify, correct or preserve editorial quality on the website. We will make a good faith effort to inform you of any changes we make.

How long is an item listed?

All listings are generally available for 60 days, but we may decrease or increase this period. If you would like to remove a listing that is live, you can do so by emailing .

What do I do when I sell my item outside of Couchelo?

You can request to remove the item that has been sold outside of Couchelo by emailing and informing us which item has been sold.

Why might a listing be rejected?

We carefully review items to ensure our customers see a variety of unique and design-focussed items for the home. An item may be rejected for any number of reasons, the most common being that we did not think it was a good fit for Couchelo.

Can I remove an item that has already been listed?

Yes. Please email and inform us which item you would like to remove.

When will I receive my payment if my item is sold?

You will receive payment within 7 business days of the item’s delivery to and acceptance by the buyer. Keep in mind that if you are selling furniture or an oversized item, the shipping process may take longer. If there is an issue with the item, we will contact you and payment will be on hold.